From conceptualization to completion of our most recent advertising campaign, Jeff Maurer was a creative force who was able to capture the essence of our school's brand.  A true professional, his creative process brought out the best in our photographer and student models, resulting in an exceptional ad campaign.
We were impressed by the number of different font and layout options that Jeff created for our review as we worked through our design concept. Jeff wanted to ensure that we were totally happy with the end result and was available for phone conversations and email exchanges to share thoughts and ideas. Ultimately, he produced an impressive, cutting-edge product that stayed true to what makes Berkeley unique.
In our work with different graphic designers over the years, Jeff's creative talent was unsurpassed. We highly recommend and endorse him.
janie mcilvaine, director of admissions (2004-2019), Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa, FL
Jeremy canody, director of Marketing and communications, Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa, FL
– – – – –
As a photographer, it’s great to work with the art direction of Jeff Maurer. Jeff is a great communicator, explains what is needed for the client and is open to photographic input. His passion for each project is obvious in his work. I have worked with Jeff dozens of times and always look forward to the next one.
cy cyr, photographer, @cycyrdotcom
– – – – –
Jeff is a delight to work with. His understanding and knowledge of the print process is remarkable and evident in his design and also during press approvals. He works well with my production team and they actually look forward to press approvals with him. His eye for color and how to achieve his vision is exceptional.
Denise Thompson, Print Consultant, The Baker Press, Inc.
– – – – –
Jeff is attentive and flexible. I have worked with him for a number of years and I appreciate his dynamic ideas and efficient schedules. He understands both short and long timelines, different viewpoints, and possesses a sensitivity towards art. I am grateful for his creative vision.
amy galpin, ph.d, chief curator, Frost art museum-fiu
– – – – –
It has been a pleasure working with Jeff on our printed material. His understanding of brand guidelines, his responsiveness, and his attention to detail guarantee a great final product. We have been extremely happy with the quality of Jeff's work and will continue to use him for our future projects.
kelly prince, director of marketing, sweetwater episcopal academy
– – – – –
I worked with Jeff for the first time recently for a client (school) who brought him in to create their ad campaign.  It was clear from the first moment I was introduced to Jeff that we would work together great, which made the photoshoot go very smoothly and exceed expectations.  He had a vision which allowed for me to play to my strengths, and in the end he produced products I am proud to display as something on which I collaborated.  I definitely look forward to working with him again. He makes us all look good.
James Kegley, james kegley photography
– – – – –
Jeff is great to work with and is very communicative throughout the design process. He works quickly and efficiently while providing top-notch services.
thomas moviel, chief research officer, 50 usa markets
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